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Google Workspace Tips and Tricks for K12 IT- Conference Recap

Updated: Nov 3, 2022

Conference Recaps — #TCEA #IDEAcon

Session: Going through the G Suite Admin Console with a Fine-Toothed Comb

Speaker: Debra Atchison, MA, EdTech Consultant, Deb Atchison Consulting, LLC

Formerly known as G Suite, Google Workspace for Education is the default set of tools for schools to manage communications and collaboration. Discover tips and tricks on how to use Google Admin Console to manage Chromebooks and other devices in schools.

Google Workspace OU Structure

How should I set up OUs?

OUs are short for "Organizational Units." Deledao offers a template of OU structure that districts can modify to suit their specific needs.

How do I restrict access to YouTube videos?

Go to Apps > Additional Google Services > YouTube > Content Settings > Setup.

Then, check the box for “Signed in users in your organization can only watch restricted and approved videos."

There are four restriction levels for YouTube and they are described by Google here.

Since YouTube is used often in learning, IT staff can give Teacher OUs the ability to approve YouTube videos. IT staff can view this allowlist and edit it to remove any videos that teachers added.

For more guided instructions, check out Debra's walk-through video on setting up YouTube permission settings for Google Workspace.

How do I enable Google Meet for online classrooms?

Go to Apps > Google Workspace > Google Meet.

  • You can choose which OU to turn it on or off for

  • Turn off for students so students cannot create Google Meetings

  • Turn on for teachers so that teachers can create Google Meetings

    • Students can join teacher-created Meets

Where are Google Meet recordings saved?

Go to Apps > Google Workspace > Google Meet > Meet video settings > Recording.

  • For enterprise editions of Google Workspace, you can access all recording features.

  • For the free edition of Google Workspace, which most schools use, recordings will expire after 30 days. Recordings cannot be shared outside of your domain and cannot be downloaded.

Hopefully, these tips and tricks from Debra help you optimize your use of the Google Admin Console. For detailed training on other features, refer to Debra's extensive guide.

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