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Whether you’re a reseller, organization or you’ve got a product you’d like us to consider partnering with, we’re glad you’re here and are interested in learning more!

“How is Deledao different from every other filter I’ve seen on the market…we already partner with a filtering company - they’re all the same, right?!”

As our users will attest, Deledao is different from legacy filters…and here’s how:

  • Deledao is the only real-time AI filter on the market. Unlike legacy products, we aren’t “AI-based” or “AI-enhanced” or use “bots” or anything of the sort. Those phrases are code-speak for “our product uses an AI database”. And that’s not us. We have the distinction of being the true real-time artificial intelligence filter in the industry.


  • Relatedly, another difference (and it’s a big one) is that the Deledao AI engines understand webpage context in real time by reading each page as it renders in the browser. Working equally as well off campus as we do on campus, no other filtering product has this level of speed, accuracy or sophistication. 


  • Our Student Wellness feature sends real-time alerts to parents and the school when student email, web and social media content involves self-harm, racism, violence, bullying or similar. 


Budget-challenged schools are often interested in more than just filtering, so value-added features become important. And we’ve got one that customers love: 

  • Deledao Classroom Management, among other functions, provides teachers with management of on campus or off campus student internet activity.


In brief, that’s who we are and just some of what we do! Interested in seeing a demo or having a partnership discussion? Just complete the attached form and we’ll be in touch!

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