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  • Have Digital Distractions Hijacked Classroom Learning? (Jan, 2023)

  • ​Challenges of Child Internet Protection in the Social Media Age (Jun, 2022)

White Paper Preview:
Have Digital Distractions Hijacked Classroom Learning?

Cover Page for the 2023 Deledao White Paper
  • Introduction

  • Digital Distractions: #1 Obstacle to Increased Ed Tech Effectiveness

  • Websites, Gaming and Social Media: Data Report

  • Why Isn’t Your School’s Legacy Filter Technology Effective?

  • Real-time AI is the Key to Defeating Digital Distractions

  • Conclusion

White Paper Preview:
Challenges of Child Internet Protection Table of Contents

Cover Page for the 2022 Deledao White Paper
  • Preface: Real-time AI’s crucial role in ensuring internet safety

  • Legacy Solution: DNS Filtering

  • Legacy Solution: Proxy-Level Filtering

  • The Deledao Advantage: Network Filtering Experts

  • The Deledao Advantage: AI Protection at the Browser Level

  • The Deledao Advantage: AI Filter vs AI Database

  • The Deledao Advantage: Innovative Image and Video Filtering

  • The Deledao Advantage: Device and OS Agnostic

  • Conclusion

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