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Case Studies

Find out how ActiveInsights benefited students, teachers, IT directors and schools all over the country by reading our most popular case studies!

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Deledao Pilot Case Study

The Educator's Challenge:

The pandemic has erased 20 years of steady improvement in student achievement.

Digital distractions are the number one obstacle to effective digital instruction and legacy solutions implemented by schools today fail to solve the digital distraction problem. 


The strong association between student engagement and academic performance makes it imperative to solve the problem of digital distractions.

Finding a Solution:

There is only one solution that uses real-time AI across its products to defeat digital distractions and improve the effectiveness of digital learning – Deledao ActiveInsights™.


To better understand how real-time AI helps students stay engaged and learn, Deledao embarked on a study of over 1,000 students from multiple school districts that participated in four-week pilots across the country.

The Conclusion:

All digitally distracted students developed self-regulation skills after four weeks of using Deledao and redirected their attention to assigned digital lessons.

With Deledao assisting instructional teams to improve student engagement in the battle against digital distractions, school districts can look forward to seeing the Nation's Report Card showing academic gains again.



Westwood Public Schools

Business Challenge:

Westwood Public Schools wanted to find a better way to manage distractions with their middle and high school 1:1 program.​

Finding a Solution:

Westwood Public Schools discovers Deledao’s AI-powered, real-time web protection technology.

The Result:

After placing students under the care of Deledao’s real-time web protection during the pilot program, Westwood Public Schools saw a significant decrease in time spent off-task.

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