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About Us

Back in 2017, a group of Silicon Valley veterans noticed that their children were growing up in a vastly different environment than they had.


Besides textbooks, schools were distributing Chromebooks and iPads to students. Teachers frequently utilized digital resources such as YouTube instead of relying on whiteboards, while students were required to complete their homework online instead of using paper worksheets.


In the meantime, the Internet was quickly presenting a new challenge to student achievement: Digital distractions.


Our CEO Shuang Ji, co-inventor of the proxy filtering technology that underpins all modern web filtering, recognized that legacy technologies from the 1990s were insufficient to protect children on the web.


That's when Shuang and his colleagues decided to find a new way to solve this problem. That's when Deledao was born.


Deledao launched its initial product, a web filter utilizing real-time AI, in 2019. It then expanded its product lineup to include solutions for student safety and classroom management, all aimed at supporting K-12 students' success.


Today, Deledao is providing support to educational institutions across the globe, including schools in the United States, Canada, Europe, New Zealand, and Australia.

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