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Improve your digital classroom management

Track your students' engagement levels and encourage them to take responsibility for their own learning.

Lady holding a laptop

For an engaging classroom experience

Your classroom management tool can only be as effective as the solution you use to eliminate digital distractions.

ActiveInstruct™ enables you to share digital resources and interact with students one-on-one, while our InstantAI™ keeps them engaged with educational content from your lesson plan.

Real Time Distraction Detection Thumbnai

Real-time distraction detection

Teachers are alerted to distractions on non-blocked webpages! If a student is browsing Wikipedia instead of working on assigned lesson content, they are still off task.

Built-in student and teacher communication system

Whole-class and 1:1 instant messaging ensure an engaged instructional experience.

Teacher giving instruction over online video
teacher and students having a video conversation

Easily customize digital lesson content on-the-spot

Equip teachers with actionable methods to manage their digital classrooms by assigning whole-class or individualized online content. 

Improve students' digital self-regulation

Naturally guide students down an individualized path of ongoing, learned self-regulation skills. Students are set to become life-long, responsible, and discerning digital citizens.  ​

student is writing in a book
student looking at an iPad on a social media webpage when they are also trying to read a book

No more online temptations

Keep your students focused while our AI handles digital distractions.

Our teachers are thrilled about ActiveInstruct™. The teachers are saying it’s making a huge difference in student productivity. Students are working on what they should be. Since we use the full suite of Deledao, it’s nice that all the features are well-integrated and easy to use. It’s a complete package.
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Paul Hoy, 

Director of Technology  

Heritage Community Charter School (ID)

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Discover today our instructional solution and bring your students' engagement to the next level!

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