Security and Data Privacy

Is Deledao an American company?
Yes, Deledao is 100% an American company. It was founded by Silicon Valley veterans and does not have any foreign funding. All staff and R&D are in the U.S.

How, where, and how long is my data stored?

Deledao takes data privacy seriously. The EdTech Awards recognized Deledao in the category of "Student Data Privacy Solution" for 2021 and 2020.

Data is encrypted and housed in U.S. data centers. Data for Deledao Family users is stored for a few months so that users can have that lookback period on their child's internet usage, but the data is deleted after the lookback period for users is over. Data for Deledao Education users is stored according to how long the educational institution determines it to be.

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We do not use your data in the following ways:

  • We do not sell you or your child's personally identifiable data.

  • We do not use you or your child's personal information to sell advertising to your child.