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Keep a pulse on your
students’ mental wellness

Get immediate insights into your students' online activity and keep a pulse on their mental wellness.

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Monitor students' social-emotional well-being with InstantAI™

Detect cyberbullying and potential self-harm to keep student safety a priority. Deledao’s AI can pick up the warning signs across all online activity, including Google Search, Docs, email, and social media.

1 out of 5

High schoolers seriously

consider suicide. (NAMI)


of middle and high schoolers "often or always feel stressed" about schoolwork. (EdWeek)


of students said they had at least one episode of major depression in 2020. (NIH)

Real-time alerts save lives

Competitors often have delayed alerting because instead of monitoring all web activity in real-time, they only perform periodic scans on supported platforms (e.g., Google Docs).


If a student uses online forums (e.g., Reddit) to ask strangers why they shouldn't commit suicide, competitors may not even be able to detect this urgent mental health crisis. 


ActivePulse   will flag the activity in real time to alert schools or parents right away.


A little girl reading on her computer screen an online message that says "You are fat!"
Misspelling of "best way to kill myself"

Be in the know

To hide their pain, students may intentionally misspell their cries for help in web searches.


ActivePulse   looks beyond the search query misspellings to understand the context of the search results pages.


Schools and parents will gain true insights into a student's mental well-being.


We are charged with the well-being of students so we decided to use Deledao to monitor their mental well-being. The reporting is very good and lets us know when children are considering self-harm or if there is cyberbullying activity. Now we can get them the help they need. Our school principal is very happy with the product.
Logo of Heritage Community Charter School

Paul Hoy, 

Director of Technology  

Heritage Community Charter School (ID)

Mockup of the Deledao Spotlight Report, a word cloud summary of a student's online activities

Spotlight Report

Our unique Spotlight report provides an intuitive overview of a student's current frame of mind to give context to signs of distress.


Unlike competitors, ActivePulse   reports are accessed in the same Deledao admin console where the filter insights are located.


Reports can be exported and shared with the relevant person in the case management process.



Easily manage each student case by case

ActivePulse   equips school administrators with a case management tool to handle each student’s unique situation with the customized care and attention they deserve.

Teacher with a notebook walking by a student on her laptop


Student data privacy a priority

Person holding a protective shield that says "Data"

To provide ActivePulse   as a service, schools give Deledao permission to access and process school-owned data under the direction of school policies.


Deledao complies with all federal and state regulations regarding student data privacy, including FERPA and COPPA.


We are also a signatory of the latest Student Privacy Pledge and the EdTech Awards has recognized us as a "Student Data Privacy Solution" every year since 2020.


Detecting toxic language in emails and more

Screenshot of a cyberbullying email

Monitor and detect cyberbullying when it happens 

Our AI technology can pick up signs of cyberbullying when the student actively views such content in their browser.

Screenshot of Deledao dashboard in the student wellness alerts tab

Alert selected recipients and manage the open cases

Instead of a separate system, school admin can log in to the same Deledao admin console to see Student Wellness alerts and reports. Schools can select who receives the alerts and investigate open cases.

Any questions? Let’s talk!

Discover today our solution and keep a pulse on your students' social-emotional well-being!

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