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Instructional Resources

Digital literacy is a fundamental skill that students need to succeed academically and professionally, with studies indicating it’s a prerequisite to be an effective learner in a blended learning environment (Tang, Chaw, 2016). In today’s digital age, information is available at our fingertips, so students need to develop these skills to succeed.

Through developing digital literacy skills, students can navigate, understand, and critically evaluate information in the digital world. Here, we'll share some resources that we consider valuable in the hope that you'll find them useful, as a parent or educator.

Student raising his hand in the classroom, with the teacher standing in front of the classroom

Making a difference

Our InstantAI™ is a revolutionary technology, unparalleled in this niche of ed tech in its ability to help students learn, practice, and ultimately master self-regulation in blended instructional environments.


But Deledao knows that for students to internalize self-regulation in digital learning environments, innovative technology is part of the solution – and that without digital literacy instruction, students may not reach their full capabilities as responsible and discerning consumers of online content.

See the list below of free resources you can use with your students immediately! Classroom videos, complete lesson plans organized by grade level, content/topic, and more.

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