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Harness the Power of Real-Time AI

Block and blur distracting content instantly 24/7

Improve students' digital self-regulation

Real-time alerts save lives

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“No one besides Deledao leverages AI to blur images and block game sites. Before, we had a few students relentlessly trying to access what they shouldn’t, and that distracted the whole class. Now we keep everyone safe and learning. Students gradually cut down on trying to go off task. It’s incredible!”

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Jim Shreve
Director of Technology
Nome Public Schools


The Awards Deledao won in from 2020 - 2023

Everything you need to improve student outcomes

Block Distractions in Real Time, Without Saying Goodbye to Google or YouTube for Education

Other companies that use Al to analyze web content fail to prevent common digital distractions like games within Google Sites and YouTube videos because they rely on the manual keyword and URL blocklist updates.

ActiveScan™ employs our patented InstantAI™ technology to evaluate content (video, images, and text) in real-time like a human and instantly shut down distractions. This way, you can keep your students on task and engaged in learning.

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