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On Task.
On Target.

Decrease your students’ attempts to go off task in just 4 weeks.

Want to know how? Request a free demo and discover our solution!

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Is your school beating digital distractions?

Unleash the full power of the Deledao ActiveInsights™ solution,
and prevent students from going down YouTube and Google rabbit holes! 
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Keep your students on task while we instantly block or blur digital distractions more than any other web filter solution.

Track your students' engagement levels and encourage them to take responsibility for their own learning.

Get immediate insights into your students' online activity and keep a pulse on their mental wellness.

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Digital distractions are the biggest challenge to deeper, more meaningful use of ed tech in schools. (EdWeek Survey, March 2022)

ActiveInsights™ is proven to eliminate 37% more online distractions during digital learning. (Deledao Case Study, 2022)

The Deledao Difference is InstantAI™   

Our patented InstantAI™ technology achieves what others cannot.
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Our tool instantly analyzes text, images, keyboard and mouse movements that indicate gameplay. This way, your students can get back to your assigned lesson. 

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We evaluate Google Sites, YouTube, and other social media your students often visit, and we block distracting content the very second a student visits the page. 

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We take data privacy very seriously. The EdTech Awards recognized Deledao as a "Student Data Privacy Solution" every year since 2020.


"As a district with over 11,000 students, we want a content filter that works on our Windows devices, not just on Chromebooks, and a solution that works off campus for distance learning. Deledao delivered on all its promises and more. It’s probably the best thing we bought this entire year."

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Greg Rodriguez
Director of Technology
Nashua School District

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Discover today our instructional solution and bring your students' engagement to the next level!

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