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How to Handle YouTube at School and at Home

Updated: Nov 2, 2022

YouTube can feel like the kryptonite to your Superman. It doesn’t have to be this way.

YouTube is the Kryptonite to your Superman.
We won't make you feel like this.

As a K-12 IT superhero, a lot of people depend on you to make YouTube work on and off campus.

School admins want: 

  • To keep students safe and learning

  • To keep teachers and parents happy

Teachers want:

  • Students to watch the educational videos they uploaded

  • Students to watch the educational videos they wish they uploaded

Students want:

  • To watch the videos teachers want them to watch

  • To watch "Let's play Fortnite" videos

Parents want:

  • To know why their kids are watching Fortnite videos

If you use on-premise network devices (e.g. firewall) or proxy-level filters as your content filter, it's probably hard to meet those expectations.

Deledao can help you meet those expectations.

Deledao Education logo.
You're welcome.

Deledao Education is a real-time AI filter that gives you a comprehensive solution to the YouTube problem.

For School Admin

The fundamental YouTube problem is how to effectively filter all the content. 

We have 500 hours of video uploaded every single minute to YouTube. 

Example  - Fornite

There are too many variations of the word “Fortnite” that mischievous students can search in attempts to “game the system” (sorry, we had to).

  • F o r t n i t e 

  • For t nite

  • F or tnite

  • Etc...

But real-time AI filtering catches this by comprehending like a human what loads on the YouTube results page. The key is to analyze every webpage in real time. What loads in the browser is what matters.

Searching YouTube for "f o r t n i t e."
AI web filters are S M A R T E R.

Typical filters only allow you to block by channel or category but that places your students at the mercy of YouTube content creators and YouTube’s suggestion algorithms.

YouTube’s categories are determined by content creators, which may lead to another Peppa Pig problem.

YouTube’s suggestion algorithms may even give your school 15 minutes of fame:

Example - A search for "kissing" led to mature content on school-issued devices

ABC News on "2nd-grader got access to porn on school-issued iPad."
The 2nd-grader did a search for "kissing."

Not only does it bring up discussions of CIPA-compliance, but also it highlights the effects that mature content can have on younger children.

"She shuts down and cries a lot." Sent to reporter from the mother.
Message to reporter from 2nd-grader's mother.

Deledao's real-time protection could've prevented this. If a YouTube video begins to load mature content, our proprietary AI technology will blur and mute the video.

Example - Ocean vs Swimsuit

Ocean scene is in focus, then blurs when swimsuit scene appears.
We mean it when we say "real time."

Many other solutions claim to do "AI filtering" when they are simply using AI to pre-categorize websites using basic website information. Deledao uses a true AI filter that analyzes what the user sees in real time.

Our AI is recognized by EdTech Digest in 2020.

Where does Deledao's "real-time AI filter" work?

  • At school - on campus

  • At home - off campus

  • On any video platform, not just YouTube

  • On embedded videos

  • On Chromebooks

  • On Windows and Macs

  • On iPads (yes, definitely iPads!) what we mean to say is that Deledao Education will work anywhere and any time to keep your students safe.

And to ensure your peace of mind, Deledao Education gives you the option to disable comments and sidebar suggestions.

Settings to remove YouTube comments and sidebar suggestions.

Example - No comments and suggestions

YouTube video with no comments or sidebar suggestions.

For Teachers

They're superheroes too! Lend them your power of approving websites to streamline the teaching process.

Example - Teachers can approve YouTube videos for their students

Teacher whitelisting tool.

For Students

To keep learning on the open web as accessible as possible, students can send unblock requests directly to teachers for approval.

Example - Students can easily send unblock requests

Button on "blocked" pages for students to easily send an "unblock request."

For Parents

Deledao Education has a parent portal so parents can easily see if their children are watching Fortnite or Khan Academy videos.

You won't have to manually create or send reports for individual parents anymore, especially in the era of distance learning.

Example - Parent portal dashboard

Deledao's parent portal.
Parents can see violations and general web activity.

Parents can also set their own "at home" policies for school devices operating outside of school hours.

With the help of Deledao Education, school IT admin like yourself can finally say this:

As a response to the school closures, we want to help with #distancelearning. You can get free access to Deledao Education for the rest of the school year.



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