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The Best Cloud-based Web Filters for Schools Use Artificial Intelligence

Updated: Oct 5, 2023

What are the best content filters for schools?

The best internet filters for schools are cloud-based and use artificial intelligence in real time.

  • Unlike on-premise devices, cloud-based filters work off campus when 1:1 devices are taken home.

  • Cloud-based filters also allow school IT admin to differentiate between rules for staff vs students, elementary schools vs middle schools vs high schools, etc.

    • Personalizing learning means personalizing the student's internet experience.

  • True AI filters can filter the web in real time vs all other filters cannot.

    • You no longer need to spend most of your time manually updating your blocklist. True AI filters will catch most of the inappropriate content on the internet to save precious time for IT staff.

What can AI web filtering do differently for student productivity and safety?

Block Google Sites games

Google Site with games that only a true AI web filter can detect.

Many students create their own Google Sites and link to gaming websites or embed games within the site itself. Non-AI filters (legacy filters) cannot detect games on these sites because they use a static list of blocked websites and keywords that need to be manually updated with these new sites. Think of how many new Google Sites students can create!

An AI filter that filters in real time scans the webpage as it loads to detect games. The school's IT staff will save significant time that would otherwise be wasted on adding new Google Sites to a blocklist or an allowlist.

Blur videos and images that are or border on mature content

Real-time AI filtering works on YouTube, Google Images, embedded videos, or other visual content shown in the browser. For example, an AI filter screens through the video as it plays. When the AI filter detects mature content, it will blur and mute the video.

Deledao can detect and blur inappropriate videos.

Monitor student mental wellbeing

Deledao Spotlight - the word cloud report on student mental health
The Deledao Spotlight report

AI monitors student mental wellbeing so schools can get students the help they need. AI helps with student safety and protects their social-emotional wellbeing by detecting and alerting schools to cyberbullying and signs of self-harm.

If a student is searching for "how to kill myself" and "painless ways to die," a school may want to investigate if it is research for a project or if the student has suicidal thoughts.

Mitigate Zoom and Google Meet Bombing

Distance learning brought about Zoom Bombing and Google Meet Bombing. Besides training teachers to follow security protocols and training students not to share their login information, school admin can take an institutional approach and use an AI filter to blur and mute mature content shared within in-browser sessions.

What is true AI filtering vs offline AI (clever marketing)?

A true AI filter works in real time on all webpages and screens through content as it loads. Other filters, including the offline AI filters, do not. This distinction gives drastically different results.

Isn't everyone claiming to use AI or machine learning in their filtering already? Watch out for these two types of clever marketing when it comes to AI web filtering:

  • "AI database"

    • Means: Using AI to build a database of pre-categorized web domains and URLs to block or allow.

    • Concerns: New domains and URLs are created all the time. How will these filters ever keep up?

We have 500 hours of video uploaded every single minute to YouTube.

  • "We use AI on Google Docs! (But not Google Drive.)"

    • Means: Using offline AI instead of AI in real-time, which has serious limitations.

    • Concerns:

      • Expect delays. Even though this type of filter may analyze some content better than filters that don't use AI at all, schools will experience delays when they are alerted to inappropriate or potentially harmful online activity. Schools won't be able to mitigate the situation until the damage is already done.

      • It only works on limited websites or activities. Are you only going to filter Google Docs but not the rest of Google Drive? What about streaming videos on YouTube? What about social media?

Neither of the two above "AI filters" are true AI filters.

They cannot solve the problems mentioned above, such as filtering Google Sites games.

Deledao Education is the only real-time AI filter for K-12 schools.

Deledao works on any type of webpage and for all internet activity. It understands all web content in context as a human does, rather than rely on bloated databases or outdated keyword analysis.

We are confident that if you compare Deledao Education to your current school filter, you will see that we can do much better.

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