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Deploying Student Devices to 40,000 Students — Conference Recap

Updated: Nov 2, 2022

Conference Recaps — #TCEA2021

Session: Student Devices: Deploying Large Numbers & Maintaining Inventory

Speakers: Erick Buenrostro, Mesha Daniel, Larry Snyder from Ysleta I.S.D., El Paso, TX


  • 1:1 K-12

  • Chromebooks + iPads

  • Deployed to 54 campuses, ~40k students

Deployment Summary

Ysleta ISD gave a detailed overview of their deployment preparation and implementation. The Deledao team created an infographic to summarize that process to help other districts learn from a peer.

To maintain their inventory of Chromebooks and iPads, Ysleta ISD tracks them based on the status of the device:

  • Damaged

  • Damaged - Total Loss

  • Good

  • Loss and Theft


If the device is damaged by the student, then Ysleta ISD campuses may charge students for the parts needed to fix the device. The district has in-house technicians so there is no need to charge for labor. Students still get access to a device regardless of their ability to pay and campuses may choose to waive the fee on a case-by-case basis.

The amount charged to the student is based on this estimated fee template:

Programmatically Updating Google's Admin Console

It's important to keep device records updated and clean because barcodes get taken off of the device all the time. Knowing which serial number corresponds to which barcode is key to tracking a device's status and the student it belongs to.

Ysleta ISD used Google Scripts to create a system that programmatically updates their Admin Console with the latest device records. It passes information such as the OU, Serial, Model, AUE Date, Recent Users, Device ID, Asset ID, Location, User, and Notes between the Google Sheets and the Admin Console.

The Deledao team thinks Ysleta ISD had some great ideas for their device deployment process and hopes this was helpful for any schools looking to build out or revise their deployment plans.

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