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How to help your child choose Zoom class over Roblox games

Updated: Nov 2, 2022

Whether it’s a hybrid model or full-on distance learning, your children are spending a lot more time learning at home. Your mornings as a parent probably look something like this:

7:12 am – Wake up the kiddos. Get them to brush their teeth.

7:15 am – Put pancake batter in hot pan. Answer emails from work. Flip pancakes. Dog knocks over water bowl. Clean up mess with favorite brand of paper towels. Run out of paper towels. Yell at dog. Add ‘paper towels’ to shopping list on fridge. Flip pancakes. No wait, flip burnt pancakes…oops.

7:28 am – Pour cereal and milk into bowls for kiddos. Pour coffee for own sanity.

7:50 am – Make kiddos sit in front of their iPads and laptops for the start of Zoom class.

8:02 am – Check in on kids

Kid #1 - Playing Roblox games and chatting with strangers online

Kid #2 - Watching a YouTube video of a sheep jumping on a trampoline

You: smh.

(*your kiddos will tell you that means ‘shaking my head’)

And you look at the calendar and realize it’s only October.

You hope your children take their education seriously, even if it doesn’t feel like a normal school year right now. But the truth is, they can’t help themselves.

With you busy working on your job and no teachers or friends to keep them engaged in class, YouTube, Netflix, and online gaming become their new best friends.

It's not the school's fault. They have to do a lot with very little and nobody has been through something like this before.

But you don’t want them to fall behind this school year. It already feels like the spring semester earlier this year was lost time.

You know you have to do something.

You check in on them more often, but you have your own Zoom meetings and 823 unread emails in your work inbox.

What if there was an easier way to keep them focused and on track?

You need an easier, better way to boost your children's remote learning productivity.

You need a solution that can tackle these problems:

1. They're not engaged in class.

  • Your child has one tab open on Zoom/Google Meet classroom, but really they're playing Roblox games on another tab.

2. They struggle with time management.

  • Your child meant to do research for their American History report but end up spending 3 hours watching funny YouTube videos

3. They aren't getting enough sleep.

  • They just started Episode 1 of Stranger Things on Netflix at 9:49PM and there's no WAY they can stop themselves by 10PM bedtime!

Maybe you tried blocking distracting game sites through your internet service provider. Maybe you tried using built-in screen time management features on your devices. Maybe, you even tried some parental control apps.

But nothing is working.

Have you tried...Deledao Family?

As an EdTech company, Deledao has already been helping schools across the U.S. with keeping students focused on school-owned devices.

Now we’re bringing parents a parental control solution for personal devices: Deledao Family!

Solving Problem #1: Making sure they're engaged during class time

No more worrying about your children opening up another tab to waste time on Roblox games (it will be blocked)!

Solving Problem #2: Set different policies for Class Time/Study time and Fun Time.

Once Fun Time is enabled, when it's school hours, you can restrict internet access to educational sites.

Solving Problem #3: Set a Down Time policy to block all internet browsing at bed time

Help them choose sleep over screen time.

Choose a solution that can:

  • Restrict internet access to educational sites only during class/study time

  • Reward kids with access to Roblox games and YouTube after schoolwork is done

  • Monitor and control child's internet access right from your phone

Choose a solution that's already been recognized:

Choose Deledao Family.

Under your guidance, your children will not only survive distance learning, but thrive in any digital environment.

Discover what Deledao Family can do for your children’s remote learning productivity.

Start by signing up. The Standard Plan is free.



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