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Making Smarter Choices: Why Research-Based EdTech Matters More Than Ever 

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With crucial decisions looming about which educational technology (edtech) tools to retain in a post-stimulus funding landscape, the question of how to make smarter choices becomes a vital mantra for school districts. 

Digital Promise, a leading non-profit championing educational innovation, emphasizes the importance of selecting research-based edtech solutions to maximize student learning outcomes. 


The Critical Need for Evidence-Based EdTech 

The overabundance of options in the edtech market highlights the critical need for evidence-based tech. This overwhelming landscape makes it difficult for educators to choose the right tools warranting a shift towards evidence-based decision-making.

Districts need robust evaluation systems to identify solutions that demonstrably improve student learning. 

Digital Promise Product Certifications: A Beacon of Trust 

Digital Promise offers product certifications that can empower districts to make informed choices.

These certifications recognize edtech products that are:

  • Research-Based Design:  for products that are developed with a foundation in learning science principles.  

  • Evidence-Based: for products that have demonstrated to have a positive impact on student outcomes.

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Central to Digital Promise's certification process is the criterion of Research-Based Design. This designation signifies that certified products are developed with a solid foundation in learning science principles, ensuring that they are aligned with the latest research on effective teaching and learning strategies. Incorporating evidence-based design principles in the products makes them more likely to support meaningful learning experiences for students. 

Additionally, Digital Promise's certifications highlight products that are Evidence-Based, meaning they have been rigorously evaluated and shown to have a positive impact on student outcomes. This designation provides districts with confidence that certified products have undergone thorough testing and validation, substantiating their effectiveness in real-world educational settings. 

Vetting edtech products with these stringent criteria will help districts to navigate the crowded marketplace with greater clarity and confidence. Admin, Tech Directors, and Teachers alike can rely on these certifications as indicators of quality and effectiveness, enabling them to make informed decisions that prioritize the needs of their students. 


How Districts Can Leverage Product Certifications 

Districts can integrate Digital Promise certifications into their edtech selection process in several ways:

  • Include certification status as a weighted factor in RFPs (Request for Proposals)  

  • Require vendor certification as a prerequisite for consideration  

  • Utilize certification status as a component of internal program evaluations  

If they embrace research-based edtech, districts will ensure they're investing in tools that truly make a difference for students.

Digital Promise product certifications offer a valuable tool for navigating the edtech landscape and making informed choices. Additionally, districts can explore innovative approaches like Outcomes-Based Contracting (OBC) and the Ed Tech JPA (Joint Power Authority) in California.  These initiatives encourage collaboration among learning communities to identify the most effective edtech solutions.  


Deledao ActiveInsights Is a Research-Based Design Certified Product 

ESSA Level 4 Evidence Award

In January 2024, Deledao ActiveInsights™ was awarded the Research-Based Design for Instructional Learning Products: Product Certification from Digital Promise. This recognition highlights Deledao's commitment to developing solutions grounded in research and designed to enhance learning.  

Deledao's InstantAI™ technology goes beyond simply blocking websites. It uses a proven, research-based design to understand and support students as they navigate the digital world. This includes: 

  • AI-powered filtering: Deledao analyzes content in real-time, allowing access to valuable learning resources while proactively blocking harmful material. This protects students from inappropriate content while ensuring access to the information they need. 

  • Classroom management: Gain valuable insights into student behavior and identify potential distractions or off-task activities early on. This empowers teachers to intervene proactively and create a focused learning environment. 

  • Lifesaving student monitoring: Deledao's technology can detect potential student distress through online behavior and language patterns, allowing for early intervention and support for students who may be struggling emotionally. 

Experts Applaud Deledao's Commitment 

  • Christina Luke Luna, Chief Learning Officer at Digital Promise, said that "Deledao's  ActiveInsights™ exemplifies the importance of research-driven design in edtech. This certification recognizes their dedication to creating solutions that truly benefit learners."  

  • Dr. Rachel Schechter, LXD Research expressed that"fewer than 1% of K-12 edtech products achieve this certification. Deledao's success demonstrates a strong foundation for building ESSA-aligned evidence."  


The future of edtech lies in evidence-based practices

As we discussed, evidence-based products highlighted by Digital Promise certifications can empower educators with the tools they need to create a brighter learning environment for all students.  

With a commitment to research-backed product designs, Deledao is revolutionizing the content filtering approach to K-12 by empowering admins and educators with tools that support higher performing digital learning environments.  

Contact Deledao today to learn more. 




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