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Is Your Classroom Management Software Stuck in the Past?

Updated: Mar 20

Pro Tip: Your classroom management software is only as good as your filter.

Classroom management software solutions have become an essential tool for educators in today's technology driven K12 digital learning environments. However, traditional solutions often fall short in addressing a crucial element - student online activity management.

Many teachers rely on cumbersome methods like manually monitoring individual student screens and closing tabs or browsers if they spot distractions. This not only eats up valuable class time but also hinders the very essence of effective classroom management: engagement. An LMS (Learning Management System) cannot effectively deliver its content if students are constantly bombarded with easily accessed distractions.

With an estimated number of web pages indexed by Google somewhere between 50 billion and hundreds of billions (the exact figure remains unknown), the sheer volume of potential distractions for students during class – content unrelated to the course curriculum – is staggering.  Here's the crucial point: your classroom management software is only as good as the content filter on which it's built. 

Ross from Friends meme asking if my teaching is interrupting you

Outdated filters that rely on static URL or keyword blocklists are easily circumvented by students forcing teachers to spend class time managing devices instead of engaging with students.  The reality is, classroom management software is only effective if it frees you to teach, not manage devices.

Classroom Management Software for Teachers Shouldn't Force You to Manage Student Device Usage

Too often, classroom management software solutions for teachers, designed to simplify digital learning environments, have the opposite effect. Instead of streamlining workflows, these tools turn educators into digital hall monitors, constantly monitoring and intervening to keep students focused.


Image of human brain as representative of artificial intelligence

This is where AI-powered solutions take center stage. By leveraging real-time AI technology, classroom management for teachers can finally shift away from reactive tab-closing and browser-locking towards proactive engagement and personalized learning experiences. With AI handling distraction filtering, teachers can return to their true role: fostering student growth through interactive and engaging instruction.

Classroom Management Software for Chromebooks and Other Devices

No matter the device your school utilizes, classroom management software for Chromebooks, iPads, or any other device requires a robust and effective filter.

It's crucial that your chosen classroom management platform offers compatibility with your specific devices and that the underlying filtering technology effectively addresses the challenges of today's online environment. Look for solutions that leverage AI to dynamically adapt to evolving threats and bypass attempts, ensuring consistent and comprehensive protection across all devices. 


Prioritize Teaching, Not Device Management: The Power of AI-Driven Classrooms


Schools are increasingly embracing a new era of learning – distraction-free learning powered by real-time AI. This innovative approach empowers educators to shift their focus away from device management and towards what truly matters:

Teacher helping student while other students engaged on devices
  • Creating engaging learning experiences: No more wasting valuable instructional time battling distractions. AI handles it, allowing you to craft dynamic lessons that capture student interest.

  • Fostering meaningful connections: With students focused and engaged, you can devote more time to personalized interactions and building positive relationships with each student.


Imagine this transformed classroom environment:

  • Teachers confidently provide access to relevant online resources: AI filters out distractions, allowing students to explore safe and educational content online.

  • Students thrive in a distraction-free zone: Free from the constant pull of online temptations, students can concentrate on their learning and reach their full potential.

  • Educators reclaim their time: Ditch the "whack-a-mole" of managing devices. AI takes care of filtering, so you can focus on what you do best – teaching and inspiring.


This is the future of classroom management software, and Deledao brings it within reach. Our research based K12 Filtering and Classroom Management solution leverages AI to:

  • Reduce digital distractions with real-time monitoring and filtering.

  • Foster deeper engagement by creating a focused and productive learning environment.

  • Empower students and teachers to excel in a distraction-free classroom.


Embrace the power of AI and empower yourself to prioritize what truly matters – your students. Stop wasting time managing devices and start creating a thriving learning environment where everyone can reach their full potential.



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