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The District-Wide Applications of Real-Time AI Filtering: feat. Monica Burns, Ed.D

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This post is an extension of Dr. Monica Burns blog post:

As educators, we're constantly navigating the balance between ensuring online safety and maximizing learning potential. With the rise of digital distractions impacting student outcomes, we should all explore innovative solutions that address these challenges head-on. And that's why we talk about real-time AI filtering—a game-changing technology revolutionizing web filtering in K-12 education.

Traditional list-based filters have long been the standard for schools and districts seeking to regulate online content. However, these filters often fall short, leading to over-blocking, under-blocking, and increased frustration for admins, teachers and students. The limitations of these tools have become glaringly apparent in today's fast-paced digital landscape, where the internet is constantly evolving and producing user-generated content.

Real-time AI filtering, pioneered by Deledao, offers a dynamic solution to these longstanding issues. Unlike traditional filters, which rely solely on predetermined lists of words or websites, Deledao's InstantAI™ harnesses the capabilities of artificial intelligence to analyze content in real-time, discerning context and relevance with unprecedented accuracy.

Empowering Personalized Learning Pathways

At the heart of Deledao's approach is the concept of personalized learning pathways. Recognizing that every student has unique needs and learning styles, Deledao's AI filtering adapts to provide tailored support for each individual.

Imagine a classroom where Sarah, a student easily distracted by flashy ads and game pop-ups, can navigate online assignments without constant interruptions. Deledao's AI filtering minimizes these distractions, allowing Sarah to focus on her studies and unlock her full potential.

Similarly, picture Alex, a self-motivated learner who thrives on independent exploration. With Deledao's platform, Alex can navigate digital resources with confidence, knowing that the AI filtering is creating guardrails that will help him reach relevant and educational content, enhancing his digital literacy skills along the way.

By empowering educators with the tools to cater to the unique needs of every student, Deledao creates a safe and inclusive online environment where learning flourishes and students thrive emotionally, academically, and socially.

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Enhanced Content Filtering for Today's Digital Learners

Deledao's AI filtering extends beyond text-based resources to include images and videos, offering comprehensive protection without sacrificing educational opportunities.

  • Through InstantAI™, Deledao provides real-time monitoring of online content, ensuring that students are protected from harmful material the moment they encounter it.

  • Our GameChanger™ technology can analyze keyboard input and mouse movements to detect game-playing. No need to worry about students playing sneaky games. 

  • With MediaMonitor™, which evaluates Google Sites, YouTube, and other social media in real-time, students have access to valuable online tools while being safe against inappropriate content.

A District-wide Impact

The benefits of Deledao's real-time AI filtering are far-reaching, impacting every stakeholder within a school or district:

  • IT Administrators: They can reclaim control of network security and streamline workload management.

  • District Administrators: They can align device usage with learning goals and promote student engagement.

  • Classroom Teachers: They can help students explore safely and focus on teaching rather than policing online behavior.

  • Families: They can finally gain peace of mind knowing their children are protected online during school hours.

  • Students: They can experience a safer, more responsible internet and develop crucial digital self-regulation skills.

Experience the Future of Web Filtering with Deledao

Certified by Digital Promise in Research-Backed Product Design and awarded an ESSA Level IV designation by an expert panel from LXD Research, Deledao's AI filtering solution is backed by rigorous evaluation and robust research evidence.

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Ready to revolutionize web filtering in your school or district?

Contact the Deledao team today to schedule a demo and discover how AI content filtering can transform your digital learning environment.



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