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Instant Ideas for Digital Citizenship - Conference Recap

Updated: Nov 2, 2022

Conference Recap: #ISTE20

Some noteworthy sessions and ideas so far:

By Dr. Brooke Stafford-Brizard

VP, Research to Practice at Chan Zuckerberg Initiative

Dr. Stafford-Brizard asks us to shift towards a whole child development approach. That in order to foster a child's growth, we need to make integrated efforts to improve in all areas, not just academically.

We agree.

In addition, the Deledao team thinks that a focus on #DigitalWellness overlaps nicely with multiple areas listed in this framework. Our children's lives online are now inseparable from their lives in the real, physical world. Here are a few overlaps:

  1. How to make the most of #DistanceLearning - academic and cognitive development

  2. How to handle cyberbullying - mental health and social emotional development

  3. How to present themselves online - identity development

  4. When to put away digital devices and enjoy real life - physical health

By Ed Zurita

Integration Specialist at Los Angeles Unified School District

To explain digital citizenship to students, Ed Zurita breaks it down to three components:

1. Digital self

-How students present themselves.

2. Digital interactor

-How students interact with others.

3. Digital agent

-How students shape their communities as a participating member.

This is a good reminder to everyone that a #PositiveInternet can't be solved by technology alone. As digital citizens, all of us must actively contribute to this outcome.

By Janea Menicucci (Explore Academy) and Christina Nuñez (Albuquerque Public Schools)

This is one of the most creative ideas we've seen!

These educators used the Digital Citizenship curriculum materials from Common Sense Media to create an interactive virtual escape room for students.

With clickable objects and cleverly placed Google Forms, this turns learning into an engaging game.

We're having a blast so far at the virtual #ISTE20. Thanks to the organizers at ISTE and the participating educators for adapting and making this virtual conference a valuable gathering during these challenging times.

If you're curious to see how Deledao can help your school with #DigitalWellness and creating a #PositiveInternet, visit us at our virtual booth and see how Deledao can monitor student mental health!

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