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How AI Can Help Students Learn Digital Self-Regulation

This is a re-publication of Dr. Monica Burns' Blog Post, that you can find at

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Can AI help students learn important skills like digital self-regulation? Artificial Intelligence (AI) is more than just a buzzword; it’s changing the way we think about what is possible in education. This includes the support students need to make sure they can navigate digital spaces effectively – both inside and outside of the classroom.

This past year, over a thousand students participated in a study powered by AI to help them improve their self-regulation skills in a digital environment. The study was made by Deledao and showed that 82% of students improved their self-regulation skills. Today on the blog, we’ll take a look at Deledao, their AI tools, and how their technology can support students with digital self-regulation skill-building this school year.

What is Digital Self-Regulation?

Digital distractions are a major obstacle to effectively integrating technology into classroom instruction. It’s easy for students to become distracted with multiple tabs open on their browser and the Internet at their fingertips. Digital self-regulation is a skill that students can develop in the classroom and take into their everyday experiences navigating online spaces.

Digital self-regulation requires them to self-assess, make choices that are right for them in the moment, and stay focused on the task at hand. Students can employ this skill in multiple settings both inside and outside of their classroom. This skill-building doesn’t happen by accident but through the intentional choices teachers, schools, and districts make to prepare students to navigate digital spaces effectively.

Deledao and Digital Self-Regulation

Do you listen to my Easy EdTech Podcast? You might remember an episode from earlier this year in partnership with Deledao. It was all about Digital Distractions How to Help Students Stay On Track. We spoke about how to tackle digital distractions in the classroom so teachers and students can make the most of the precious time they have in school each day.

Deledao uses artificial intelligence across its platform through Deledao ActiveInsights™. Deledao gives schools and districts access to a Web Filter to keep your students on task. Their technology instantly blocks or blurs digital distractions. They have a Classroom Management feature that tracks student engagement levels and prompts kids to take control of their learning. And there is a Student Wellness component that gives teachers and school administrators immediate insights into students’ online activities related to their mental wellness.

Digital Self-Regulation and AI

One of the reasons I was so impressed with Deledao when I received a demo of their technology late last year was how they offer something different than traditional web filters. Deledao uses AI to keep up with changes in online spaces. For example, they know how important it is for teachers and students to have access to search engines like Google. They know that not all of the results that come up after a Google Web or Image search will be appropriate for a K-12 setting.

As you can see in the video above, Deledao uses their ActiveScan technology to go beyond simply blocking vast swaths of the Internet. They look at information in context and real-time to ensure they support students effectively. Deledao has found that it’s not just a Google Search that can cause classroom discussions. Online gaming can get in the way of making sure students use their time effectively, too.

Tackling Online Gaming Distractions

Deledao has found that the online games category is the number one digital distraction for students. How does Deledao tackle this distraction? Deledao uses a combination of its proprietary AI technologies to block gaming sites. This includes their InstantAI™, GameChanger™, and MediaMonitor™ technology.

The GameChanger™ AI technology from Deledao goes deeper than how a filter traditionally blocks gaming websites. GameChanger™ tackles the challenge of embedded games on Google Sites and, at the same time, their InstantAI™ technology scans for text, images, and video. To take this even further, Deledao can detect specific mouse and keyboard movements indicative of gameplay. Using this combination of AI-powered technology, Deledao can help students self-regulate and make smarter decisions throughout their school day.

Get Started with Deledao

As I mentioned at the beginning of this post, over 1,000 students from across the country participated in four-week Deledao pilots this year. According to the data they collected, Deledao helped 82% of participating students improve their self-regulation skills in a digital environment. Their study reinforces the idea that students can learn to become self-directed with the right encouragement and conditions. You can learn more about their study on this page.

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