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Are online games always bad for my child?

Updated: Nov 2, 2022

Many games are addictive and pure entertainment, but not all games are created equal.

First, let's take a look at what your child's online gaming habits may look like.

If you are monitoring your child's online activities using Deledao Family, you can easily see an overview of your child's online habits with Deledao Spotlight.

Example - Deledao Spotlight report in our Parent Portal dashboard

The larger the words are, the more time your child spent on that activity. If the words are red, it means Deledao detected those as violating the policies you set for them and blocked those webpages accordingly. The dashboard is updated as your child surfs the web.

Deledao has granular policies for parents to choose from. For games, we differentiate between 'Games' and 'Educational games.'

Example - Partial list of blocked categories in Deledao's settings

Wondering what the difference is?

If your child was playing 'Math Games,' you'd expect something like this.

Example - is educational

However, some sites may seem like they're educational, especially if they have a name like 'Cool Math Games.'

Example - is mostly not educational

You can tell the difference between these games. Like you, Deledao can tell the difference between them and block accordingly.

It's like having another You to review the websites your child visits. If only you can have another You to do all the errands and work projects that are falling behind...

With Deledao, you can choose when to block 'Games' vs 'Educational games.' With the settings below, all games (including educational games) are blocked by default, but educational games are allowed during 'fun time.'

Example - Option to allow exceptions during 'fun time'

'Fun time' is the Deledao feature that lets you set a digital schedule that you feel is appropriate for you child.

For example, you can steer your child to more productive activities during weekdays before 5pm and allow them to play educational games after 5pm on weekdays and any time they want on weekends.

Let's get our children back to learning with games like this.

Example - is educational

Since we're on the topic of blocking games, you should probably know that gaming isn't always about playing the game itself. Much like esports, children want to watch videos of gameplay as much as playing the game itself. We can catch these videos as part of blocking the category of 'Games.'

Example - Fortnite gameplay on YouTube

Can your current parental control solution catch this?

Besides playing and watching games, there's a whole community for gamers that can take just as much time away from learning and studying.

Example - Reddit forum discussion of popular online game 'Among Us'

The 14,000+ users active on this subreddit only capture those that signed in. How many more are lurking?

Deledao Family can detect both YouTube games and Reddit games to keep your child on task and learning until you decide that your child earned game time.

Example - The message children see if they attempt to access blocked content

We are able to do this because of our superior, real-time AI technology. When we say 'real-time AI,' know that we're recognized by the industry for it.



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