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Deledao Set to Participate in AASA's National Conference on Education 2023

A revolutionary innovation in online instruction is set to meet schools' digital distraction challenges.

SANTA CLARA, CA -- Creator of the only patented online instructional solution with InstantAI™ technology, Deledao will participate in the AASA National Conference on Education on February 16-17 in San Antonio, TX, to help schools meet the increasing challenges they face in improving the effectiveness of digital learning.

The National Conference on Education, presented by AASA, The School Superintendents Association, is the premier professional development and networking event for school superintendents and administrators. Hear from education thought leaders championing our nation’s school systems and take home new ideas and approaches to invigorate your district. With more than 3,000 superintendents attending, you’re bound to form an industry network you can leverage for improving equity, student outcomes, district performance, and so much more.

Representing an entirely new architecture in filtering technology, the Deledao ActiveInsights™ solution uses patented InstantAI™ technology that allows teachers to create distraction-free digital classrooms. Not dependent upon domain classification or search keyword recognition, every piece of content, video, and page on the nearly two billion available websites is analyzed the very instant a student attempts to access it.

Deledao representatives will be present at Booth 747 to show school superintendents how InstantAI technology will ensure their school district devices remain used as intended – not for gaming or YouTube Shorts, but for student learning!

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