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ActiveInstruct™ New Feature: Real-Time Distraction Detection

Updated: Oct 5, 2023

As an educator, you know that keeping students engaged and focused during class is a challenging task. Distractions are everywhere, and it seems like students always find ways to drift away from the lesson.

With the ActiveInstruct™ latest feature, “Real-time distraction detection,” you can finally say goodbye to off-task behaviors and wasted class time.

What is Real-Time Distraction Detection?

This new feature utilizes a sophisticated algorithm to detect off-task behaviors in real time. It will flash a student's card on the teacher’s monitor when distracted behavior is detected.

Unlike traditional methods that only block access to specific websites, this feature detects off-task behaviors on non-blocked web pages. For example, if a student is accessing a music webpage instead of a math webpage, the system will flag it as a distraction.

How Effective is Real-Time Distraction Detection?

Based on the analysis of 1600+ class sessions, a total of 100 minutes per class period are spent engaged in off-task content (assuming 20 students in each class and each class session lasts 40 minutes).

However, with ActiveInstruct™ real-time distraction detection, time wasted during each class can be reduced by 63% or more. The system flags distracted students to the teacher, allowing them to intervene immediately and redirect the students' focus back to the lesson.

Graphics showing Real-Time Distraction Detection feature reducing wasted class time by 63%
ActiveInstruct™ New Feature: Real-Time Distraction Detection reduces class wasted time by 63%

It's worth noting that 52% of all students went off-task on web pages not blocked by school policies, such as non-game web pages.

With ActiveInstruct™ real-time distraction detection, you can finally monitor and manage your students' online activities effectively.

How Can Real-Time Distraction Detection Help You?

This technology is truly cutting-edge, and it can make a significant difference in your classroom:

  • Save time: By reducing off-task behaviors, you can ensure that valuable class time is used for learning - not playing games.

  • Increase student engagement: Eliminating digital distractions helps students remain focused and engaged in lesson content.

  • Enhance student learning: Keeping students on-task in digital learning environments will improve student learning outcomes in class.

ActiveInstruct™ real-time distraction detection is a game-changer for classroom management. It's a powerful tool that can help you improve student engagement, save time, enhance learning outcomes and help students move towards a path of digital self-regulation. With this feature, you can finally take control of your classroom and ensure that your students stay on-task and focused. For more content like this, join the Deledao Club, our Free Monthly Newsletter, where you'll get more EdTech Tips, Product Updates, Success Stories and more. And in the meantime, make sure to check out Deledao on LinkedIn and Twitter to keep updated on professional development articles for educators!



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