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Partner Deal Registration Form


  1. The Partner has scheduled a pilot deployment, the pilot is underway, or a quote has been requested and provided to the customer by the Partner. Deployment or quote date must be within 7 days of submission of this form. Dates further out will not be approved.

  2. The Deal is not being pursued directly by Deledao at the time the Partner submits the deal for registration. 

  3. The deal is not registered with another Partner. 

  4. RFPs cannot be registered as deals.  Deledao and any of its resellers can participate. 




  1. The Partner completes and submits the Deal Registration Form. The first Partner to submit a deal that meets the deal registration criteria specified above, as determined by Deledao in its sole discretion, will receive an approved deal registration for that deal. Deledao strives to notify Partners of its decision within one (1) business day. 

  2. If a Deal is approved, Deledao will notify the Partner by email. 

  3. If a Deal is declined, Deledao will notify the Partner by email and will include the reason(s) for such decision.  



  1. Pilots are not to exceed 500 enrolled students.  Upon request and at discretion of Deledao, student pilot enrollment may be increased if sufficient justification exists.  Deledao reserves the right to terminate the pilot if pilot is extended beyond 500 students without prior approval. 

  2. Pilot duration is set at 60 days from the deal registration date. Upon request and at discretion of Deledao, pilot period may be extended if sufficient justification exists. 

  3. Deal remains registered with Partner for 180 days or August 31, whichever comes first. Upon request and should circumstances warrant, a one-time extension of 60 days will be made to extend the pilot period. 


All discounts provided by the Partner to the customer must be submitted to Deledao via email to for prior approval. Unapproved discounts made by Partner to the customer will not be honored by Deledao.

Partner Deal Registration

Step 1: Who is registering the deal?

Step 2: Who are you trying to sell to?

Devices Used

Step 3: Tell us more about this potential deal.

Deledao products under consideration
Have you already scheduled a pilot for deployment or given a quote (Required)?
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