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ActiveInsights™ - Award-winning "set it and forget it" solution

The Smartest Web
Filter for K12

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  • Real-time AI for video and image blurring

  • Real-time AI for profanity blocking

  • No more whack-a-mole with uncategorized sites

  • No more over-blocking or under-blocking

  • Highly customizable (per student, class, school)

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ActiveScan™ - Web Filter 

Use real-time AI filtering technology to exceed CIPA compliance, secure E-Rate funding, and keep students engaged in learning.


ProxyGuard™: Stop Proxy Workarounds

ProxyGuard™ is our newest feature that automates the detection of proxy sites students use to bypass your current filter. Get ready to further streamline your web filter management, drastically cut teachers’ block requests and keep students engaged in learning. 

  • Access proprietary real-time AI technology 

  • Stay one step ahead of tech-savvy students

  • Ensure E-Rate funding and CIPA compliance

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Say goodbye to list-based filtering

Use InstantAI™ to evaluate, blur, and block web content as it loads in real time instead of relying on pre-categorized websites and keywords.


No more playing whack-a-mole as new uncategorized sites pop up. No more time-consuming manual adjustments.
We’ll automate your workflow, and you’ll save countless hours spent manually updating blocked lists and allowed lists.  


Curate YouTube videos and Google Images for students 

Use MediaMonitor™ AI technology to screen online images and videos frame by frame to blur and mute inappropriate content. No more over-filtering or under-filtering.


Easily configure setup in 20 minutes or less 

Protect students at school or at home. We work on all device types and all operating systems. See the FAQ for more info.

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Defeat distracting online games 

Use GameChanger™ real-time AI to analyze mouse and keyboard movements and catch the trickiest games. Unblocked games? We block them!

  • Embedded games on Google Search (e.g. Snake) 

  • Hidden games on Discord and similar sites without them being in the blocklist

  • Hidden games on Google Sites 

  • Fullscreen games

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See what students are actually doing online

See page titles and icons instead of URLs and see how long students are active on each webpage. 

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Streamline workflows between teachers and IT staff 

Enable teachers to temporarily allow websites in class instead of depending on IT.  

I had no plans to change my old filter, but I saw Deledao at the live content filter competition and thought Deledao was the best one! Its real-time AI is truly impressive. Now, my 25 IT staff serving our students across 17 schools can allow access to more educational resources with a superior filter.

Michael Robbins

Chief Technology Officer

Westminster School District (CA)

ActiveInstruct™ - Classroom Management 

Our research-backed solution is proven to help students navigate the digital world responsibly, fostering engagement and self-regulation. Empower learners, rediscover teaching joy, and build a better digital future with ActiveInstruct. 

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Receive alerts, support students before disengagement 

ActiveInstruct™ alerts you in real-time for proactive intervention, keeping students focused and learning. 

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Foster independence, focus attention

Reclaim classroom mobility and rediscover the joy of in-person teaching, while maintaining seamless digital connection for 1:1 and small-group support.  

On-Task Metrics Product Screenshot.png

Ditch guesswork, unleash potential

On-task metrics reveal trends for individuals, groups, and the whole class, facilitates personalized learning strategies and maximizing potential. 

Group Project Product Screenshot.png

Effortless grouping, customized learning

Create small groups instantly, before class or on the fly, for flexible and adaptable learning.

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ActivePulse™ - Student Wellness 

Help students struggling in silence. Use InstantAI™ to alert designated personnel of students showing signs of anxiety, depression, and self-harm.  
Pick up the warning signs in real-time across all online activity, including Google Search, Docs, email, and social media.  


You might save their life.  

Committed to Student Data Privacy 

Deledao only collects the data necessary to provide services to schools. We never sell, share, or rent personally identifiable information (PII). 


We also won the EdTech Awards back in 2020 for “Best Student Data Privacy Solution” for these product features that prevent third parties from collecting and using student data: 

  • Anonymizing web searches even when students are signed in. 

  • Blocking third-party tracking. 

  • Blocking online ads. 

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Intro Video

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Request a free demo

  • What is Deledao ActiveInsights™?
    Deledao ActiveInsights™ is the only instructional solution that uses InstantAI™ technology across all its products to prevent students from going down rabbit holes on YouTube, Google Sites, Google Doodle, and more. Deledao ActiveInsights™ helps K12 IT, admins and educators streamline their workflows while defeating digital distractions, with the final result of helping to improve student engagement and helping to recover academic gains eroded by the pandemic.
  • How is Deledao ActiveInsights™ different from legacy solutions?
    Legacy solutions still use technology developed in the late ‘90s. They classify web domains into known categories in their databases to block or allow entire web domains. This no longer works in the age of user-generated content and is especially true for social media sites (e.g. YouTube, Facebook, etc.). Each page of a web domain might belong to a different category. Pages that dynamically populate (i.e. pages with endless scroll) may switch between categories as more content loads. Legacy products don’t work well on Google search results. Some of them have evolved to support keyword blocking. This is still insufficient because keywords can have different meanings in different contexts. For instance, we cannot simply block the word “adult” to block for mature content because while “adult movies” is blocked, legitimate search results, such as “adult education,” are also blocked. Deledao takes a completely different approach. Deledao uses patented, real-time artificial intelligence technologies to instantly block or blur distracting and inappropriate digital content. InstantAI™, GameChanger™, and MediaMonitor™ bring students back to assigned instructional resources to keep them engaged with the lesson content. Instead of pre-assigning categories to web domains, Deledao analyzes individual webpage content in real time with its patented artificial intelligence technology. Deledao’s text engine reads like humans do. The image analysis engine identifies racy and adult pictures to blur them in real time. Most impressively, it can even analyze videos in real time while the videos play. When the AI engine detects inappropriate video frames, it blurs and mutes the video until the inappropriate scene is over.
  • How are Deledao products installed and deployed?
    The Deledao products are 100% cloud-based and can be set up in 20 minutes or less. On Chromebooks, Deledao is deployed as an extension from the Chrome Management Console. On Windows and Mac OS devices, Deledao can be deployed on school devices to filter any browser with real-time AI technology. On iOS devices, Deledao can be deployed through a cloud proxy solution.
  • Can students bypass Deledao ActiveInsights™ by using VPNs?
    No. If you use the Deledao Education extension or proxy, it sees everything in clear text since it is not in the network path. Therefore, it cannot be bypassed by using VPNs.
  • Do additional HTTPS/SSL certificates need to be deployed?
    No. If you use the Deledao ActiveInsights™ extension, it sees everything in its decrypted form. Only with proxy solutions will there be HTTPS/SSL certificates to deploy.
  • Does Deledao ActiveInsights™ offer online data privacy protection features?
    Yes. If you use the Deledao ActiveInsights™ extension, it embeds anti-tracking technology to protect student data privacy online. Deledao shields students’ online activities from third parties that collect and sell student information to the highest bidder in online advertising. Without this shield, students are served targeted content that can shape their behaviors accordingly, which may negatively impact their growth.
  • Does Deledao ActiveInsights™ have a Parent Portal?
    Yes. Schools can invite parents to sign up to receive weekly email reports. In addition, parents can use our web portal or mobile app to see detailed reports and configure additional at-home policies.
  • How can Deledao ActiveInsights™ better protect students online?
    With better technology to screen in real time and a focus on student privacy, you can have peace of mind that we keep students safe and learning. For more technical information, see answer to the questions “How is Deledao ActiveInsights™ different from legacy solutions?" and "Can students bypass Deledao ActiveInsights™ by using VPNs?"
  • Where is Deledao based?
    Deledao is an American company founded and based in Silicon Valley. All data is housed in the United States.
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What makes Deledao the right choice

Matrix of Deledao compared to other K12 web filter solutions

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The true "set it and forget it" solution

The Smartest Web
for K12

Real-time AI image and video blurring

Highly-customizable for each scenario

Real-time alerts save lives

A 5 star testimonial from a Deledao customer
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Everything you need to improve student outcomes

Block Distractions in Real Time, Without Saying Goodbye to Google or YouTube for Education

Other companies that use Al to analyze web content fail to prevent common digital distractions like games within Google Sites and YouTube videos because they rely on the manual keyword and URL blocklist updates.

ActiveScan™ employs our patented InstantAI™ technology to evaluate content (video, images, and text) in real-time like a human and instantly shut down distractions. This way, you can keep your students on task and engaged in learning.

Mockups of the Deledao admin dashboard showing student online behavior
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Greg Rodriguez

Director of Technology

Nashua School District

As a district with over 11,000 students, we wanted a few things. One, a content filter that finally works on our Windows devices, not just on Chromebooks. Second, a solution that works off campus for distance learning. Deledao delivered on all its promises and more. It’s probably the best thing we bought this entire year.
Scappoose Logo
We can see in Deledao’s admin console that our students improved their productivity. The dashboard and UI are exceptional. It’s easy to pull a report and immediately share it with the superintendent, parents, or teachers. With our previous solution, we had no idea what was happening.
Godwin Heights Public School Logo

Teresa Huff
Data Systems Specialist
Scappoose School District

Michael Porco

Assistant Principal

Godwin Heights High School

We don’t always know when students struggle with their mental health. Thankfully, Deledao ActivePulse detected that one of our students was struggling and alerted us so we could send help in time. I’m pretty sure Deledao helped save a life.

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