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Download our latest publications: 

  • NEW: CoSN 2024 Conference Guide (Mar, 2024)

  • Product Comparison Matrix (Feb, 2024)

  • Data Privacy Compliance Checklist (Jan, 2024)

  • DLE School Admin Roadmap (Dec, 2023)

CoSN 2024 Conference Guide

Conference Guide - Cover Page.png
  • Get the conference "Schedule at a Glance" for easy conference planning

  • Use our word-for-word talking points to prepare your networking strategy

  • See the exhibit hall map to navigate to interesting vendors

Product Comparison Matrix

Filter Comparison Matrix - Blurred.png
  • Dive into a thorough analysis of various edtech solutions, tailored just for you—educators and IT administrators.

  • Explore the distinctive features and cutting-edge AI capabilities that set Deledao apart.

  • Equip yourself with the knowledge to make informed decisions and elevate your digital learning environment.

Data Privacy Compliance Checklist

Data Privacy Checklist - Blurred.png
  • Prioritize the security of student data with a meticulous focus on compliance with industry standards.

  • Empower yourself with a comprehensive tool to assess and fortify systems against vulnerabilities.

  • Rest assured in Deledao's commitment to ensuring a safe and secure digital learning experience for you.

DLE School Admin Roadmap

Cover DLE Roadmap.png
  • Discover a tailored guide designed for school administrators, offering a comprehensive approach to implementing edtech solutions.

  • Gain key insights and strategies to optimize the use of technology in education on your terms.

  • Streamline administrative processes, enhance classroom management, and foster a secure online learning ecosystem.

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