Monitor student mental well-being

Deledao uses real-time AI to constantly lookout for cyberbullying and signs of self-harm to alert schools when students are in need of intervention.

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"We are charged with the well-being of students so we decided to use Deledao to monitor their mental well-being. The reporting is very good and lets us know when children are considering self-harm or if there is cyberbullying activity. Now we can get them the help they need. Our school principal is very happy with the product." 


Paul Hoy  

Director of Technology  

Heritage Community Charter School 

The suicide death rate among those aged 10–24 increased 56% from 2007 to 2017.*

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Sometimes the loudest
screams for help are silent

The internet is a student's confidant.

Our unique Deledao Spotlight report provides an intuitive overview of a student's current frame of mind to give context to signs of distress.

Within the same web filter admin console, K-12 admin can see a better picture of student mental health, their sense of belonging, and their resilience.

Cyberbullying among tweens

(Nationally representative sample of 1,034 ages 9-12 years old)*


Witnessed cyberbullying


Been cyberbullied themselves


Cyberbullied others

Detecting toxic language in emails and more

1. Monitor and detect cyberbullying when it happens


Our AI technology can pick up signs of cyberbullying when the student actively views such content in their browser.

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2. Alert selected recipients and manage the open cases


Instead of a separate system,  school admin can log in to the same Deledao admin console to see Student Wellness alerts and reports. Schools can select who receives the alerts and investigate open cases.

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