Setting Up Your Child’s Windows

Microsoft family group will be used to disable other apps on your children’s machines so they can be protected by Deledao Junior browser.

Step 1: Create a Microsoft email account (outlook, hotmail, etc) for parent at, if you don't have one yet.

windows 10-01.jpg

Step 2: Create a Microsoft email account for each kid, if they don’t have one yet.


  • For children under 13, creating a child's account needs a parent’s consent.

  • If the child is age 13 or above, the child can remove themselves from the family group, thus out of your control, per Microsoft.

  • If you enter that your child is age 10, then within the next three years your kid can’t remove themselves from the family group and will be under the control of your family group.

Step 3: Create a family group if you don't have one yet:

windows 10-02.jpg

Step 4: Once created, you will be the organizer of this family group. When prompted, add your child's email and click next.

windows 10-03.jpg

Step 5: Next to the pending member, your child's email, click 'Accept now.'

windows 10-05.jpg

Step 6: A pop-up will ask you to sign out so that you can sign into your child's email to accept the invitation. Click 'Accept now.'

windows 10-06.jpg

Step 7: You should be automatically logged into your child's email. Because the registered child is under 10, it will ask for the parent's email to finish setup. Enter your email and click 'Send email.'

windows 10-07.jpg

Step 8: Log back into your email and look for the email from Microsoft Family. Click 'Sign parent in to give permission.'

windows 10-08.jpg

Step 9: Enter your name to sign for confirmation.

windows 10-09.jpg

Step 10: Uncheck 'My child can sign in to third party apps' and continue.

windows 10-10.jpg

Step 11: Click 'Done.'

windows 10-11.jpg

Step 12: In your family account, select the child's name and the 'App and game limits' tab. Disable apps and other browsers except Deledao Junior.

windows 10-12.jpg

Step 13: Select the 'Spending' tab and turn on the two toggles, 'Needs organizer approval to buy things' and 'Email when they get stuff.'

windows 10-13.jpg