Frequently asked questions about Deledao Education

What is Deledao Education?

Deledao Education is a browser-level content filtering solution focused on digital wellness and online student data privacy. Deledao’s AI-powered, cloud-based technology screens through each webpage in real time to analyze text, images, and videos. It works on Chromebooks, Windows, Mac OS, mobile devices and tablets.

How is Deledao Education deployed?

Deledao Education is 100% cloud-based software. There is no hardware to deploy or maintain on-premise. On Chromebooks, Deledao Education is deployed as an extension from the Chrome Management Console. On Windows and Mac OS devices, if the Chrome browsers are managed, Deledao Education can be pushed as an extension. Otherwise, a proxy agent can be deployed on school devices to allow for the use of other browsers, yet keeps the ability to filter using AI at the browser level. A cloud proxy solution that allows for real-time AI filtering is coming soon. On iOS devices, Deledao Education can be deployed using a PAC file and/or a native app in the App Store.

How is Deledao Education different from legacy solutions?

Legacy solutions still use technology developed in the late ‘90s. They classify web domains into known categories in their databases to block or allow entire web domains. This no longer works in the age of user-generated content and is especially true for social media sites (e.g. YouTube, Facebook, etc.). Each page of a web domain might belong to a different category. Pages that dynamically populate (i.e. pages with endless scroll) may switch between categories as more content loads. Legacy products don’t work well on Google search results. Some of them have evolved to support keyword blocking. This is still insufficient because keywords can have different meanings in different contexts. For instance, we cannot simply block the word “adult” to block for mature content because while “adult movies” is blocked, legitimate search results, such as “adult education,” are also blocked. Deledao Education takes a completely different approach. Instead of pre-assigning categories to web domains, it analyzes individual webpage content in real time with its patented artificial intelligence technology. Deledao’s text engine reads like humans do. The image analysis engine identifies racy and adult pictures to blur them in real time. Most impressively, it can even analyze videos in real time while the videos play. When the AI engine detects inappropriate video frames, it blurs and mutes the video until the inappropriate scene is over.

How can Deledao Education better protect students online?

With better technology to screen in real time and a focus on student privacy, you can have peace of mind that we keep students safe and learning. For more technical information, see answer to the questions “How is Deledao Education different from legacy solutions?" and "Can students bypass Deledao Education by using VPNs?"

Can students bypass Deledao Education by using VPNs?

No. If you use the Deledao Education extension or browser, it sees everything in clear text since it is not in the network path. Therefore, it cannot be bypassed by using VPNs.

Do additional HTTPS/SSL certificates need to be deployed?

No. If you use the Deledao Education extension or browser, it sees everything in its decrypted form. Only with proxy solutions will there be HTTPS/SSL certificates to deploy.

Does Deledao Education offer online data privacy protection features?

Yes. If you use the Deledao Education extension or browser, it embeds anti-tracking technology to protect student data privacy online. Deledao Education shields students’ online activities from third parties that collect and sell student information to the highest bidder in online advertising. Without this shield, students are served targeted content that can shape their behaviors accordingly, which may negatively impact their growth.

Does Deledao Education offer flexible policy configurations?

Yes. Policies can be configured for individual students, organization units (OUs), network ranges, time ranges, among others.

Does Deledao Education have a Parent Portal?

Yes. Schools can invite parents to sign up to receive weekly email reports. In addition, parents can use our web portal or mobile app to see detailed reports and configure additional at-home policies. See the Parent Portal Overview for more information:

Can teachers temporarily approve webpages for coursework?

Yes. If allowed by administrators, teachers can temporarily approve certain webpages for select students for coursework. Deledao Education uses an automated email workflow for this process.

Is Deledao an American company?

Yes! All of Deledao's staff and R&D are based in the United States.