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Deledao Family gives parents the control and visibility to filter and manage their child's internet browsing on any device. 

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Filter and screen for inappropriate content

Detect signs of cyberbullying and self-harm 

Manage settings and see reporting on desktop or mobile

Simple Setup Process
Install on child's device
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Monitor from parent's device

Your children will spend this summer mostly at home.

It's more important than ever to help them build good digital habits.

See what your child is doing online

Deledao Family gives you the visibility to check your children's web activities. Knowing what your children are exposed to will give you peace of mind.


You can also manage their internet access through your phone or by signing in to the Parent Portal.

Build Their Schedule

When is study time? When is fun time? When is bed time? 


Use our time management features to build a healthy schedule tailored for each child.

Advanced game detection

You don't have to block all of Google to block games on Google. Deledao uses Artificial Intelligence to understand content on each webpage like a human.

Deledao Family to manage screen time for your children.

Don't let YouTube ruin your peace of mind

What's there to worry about when your children are protected in real time? Let your children access the best of YouTube and other video sites.

Alerting you to cyberbullying and self-harm

Cyberbullying can cause depression and lead your children to respond in drastic ways.

Deledao Family Plans

Plans that meet the needs of any family

Basic Plan
  • Online privacy protection​

  • AI-powered text filtering

  • NO Parent Portal​ access

    • NO changing settings​

    • NO web activity reports

No registration required

Standard Plan
  • Online privacy protection​

  • AI-powered text filtering

  • Limited access to Parent Portal

    • Change SOME settings​

    • Standard activity reports

  • 1 child profile​

Email registration required

Premium Plan
  • Online privacy protection​

  • AI-powered text filtering

  • Full access to Parent Portal

    • Change any settings​

    • All activity reports

  • 2 child profile​s (can add more)

  • Cyberbullying and self-harm detection​

  • AI-powered image and video filtering (e.g. safe YouTube)

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Our Mission

Deledao is a digital wellness company that advocates for digital mindfulness in a tech-filled world. We want to help people make thoughtful choices online by demystifying how to protect their internet privacy and providing the tools to make the internet a positive experience. 

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