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Manage your child's digital wellness with our parental control apps.

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Deledao Family gives parents the control and visibility to filter and manage their child's internet browsing on any device. 


Manage settings and see reporting on desktop or mobile.


Filter and screen for inappropriate content in real time.


Detect signs of cyberbullying and self-harm.

A simple setup process


Sign up for a Family Plan.


Install on child's device.


Monitor from parent's device.

“As a parent of a child who has to undergo distance learning, I now have peace of mind after installing Deledao on my child’s laptop and iPad that she uses for her schoolwork. I no longer worry about my child spending her study time on unrelated content and activities. Deledao is definitely a powerful tool I use to help my child develop better behaviors and study habits.”

Charles C.

With online classes, are you sure your child is on task and productive during class time?


Use our remote learning productivity features to block distracting content during class time and give your child more freedom to explore outside of class time.


Is your child playing games during Zoom class?

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See if your child engages with coursework

Is your child researching for schoolwork or just playing Pacman? Or is your child shopping online while the teacher lectures about physics?

Find out what your child is doing online at any time of day through the Deledao Parent app.

Don't let YouTube ruin your peace of mind

What's there to worry about when your children are protected in real time? Let your children access the best of YouTube and other video sites.


Keep tabs on your child's mental well-being

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The internet is a child's confidant. It knows their mental well-being better than anyone. 

With the Deledao Spotlight Report, you can get an overall picture of your child's state of mind.


Cyberbullying can cause depression and lead your children to respond in drastic ways.

Deledao Family screens through email and other web activity to alert you to signs of cyberbullying and self-harm.


Deledao Family Plans

Plans that meet the needs of any family

Basic Plan

  • NO changing settings​

  • NO web activity reports


No registration required

  • Online privacy protection​

  • AI-powered text filtering

  • NO Parent Portal​ access

  • Online privacy protection

  • AI-powered text filtering

  • Parent Portal​: limited access

Standard Plan

  • Change SOME settings​

  • Standard activity reports


Email registration required

  • 1 child profile​

Premium Plan

  • 2 child profile​s (can add more)

  • Cyberbullying and self-harm detection​

  • AI-powered image and video filtering (e.g. safe YouTube)

  • Change any settings​

  • All activity reports

  • Online privacy protection​

  • AI-powered text filtering

  • Parent Portal​: full access


FREE 30-day trial

About Us

Deledao is a digital wellness company. We want to help people make thoughtful choices online by providing the tools to make the internet a positive experience. 

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